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16.09.2022 19:50
Ready made company in Latvia, Lithuania or Estonia Antworten

Ready-made Company, also known as Shell Company, previously formed company, seasoned company or aged company, describes a limited liability company (LLC) or partnership that had no activity, metaphorically put on the shelf to age or how to be an empty shell. As a rule, a complete company is subject to VAT.

Advantages of the shelf company
process of business purchase
Change of company name and/or address
Recent practice

Advantages of the shelf company are:
time saving. The incorporation process takes time, faster registration costs more money due to higher government fees. It's faster to change ownership of an existing business.
longevity in the company. Some partners or credit institutions may check the registration date before proceeding with the cooperation. Potential customers will trust older companies that could be used for advertising.
history of your company. Boosts the company's image with age and increases credibility.
Need a bank loan. It may be easier if you have proof of your inclusion history.
Baltic Legal provides legal support in the purchase of ready-made companies and offers first-class services and useful advice in related matters.

Process of business purchase
The business purchase takes only a few days. Due to the reliability and cooperation with our partners, we are able to arrange a turnkey company for you in one day! Registration with the commercial register takes 4 working days (can be shortened to up to 2 days).

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